New College Swindon Scholarship Programs

New College Swindon Scholarship Programs

New College Swindon is ranked #1123 among Qs world ranking and is one of the great colleges in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, founded in 1982 for higher education. After emerging with the New College in 2005, New Swindon College became a single learning institution for all types of students, no age matters.

Degree Programs Offer by New College of Swindon

New College of Swindon offers over 90 educational undergraduate and postgraduate level programs.

  • Advanced Make-up
  • Educational Practice
  • Educational Practice
  • Health Care
  • Graphic Design
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Social Care
  • Prosthetics

Within these educational subject areas, New College of Swindon offers a diverse range of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and PhDs.

Masters & PhD
Annual Tuition FeeUndergraduates: £9,380
Graduates: £17,996
Masters & PhD: £27,524
Online CoursesYES
Scholarships | Financial AidYES

New College of Swindon Scholarships

You’re in the right place if you’re wondering about a free scholarships and laptops. New College Swindon offers Free Scholarships to international and local students. These types of schools offer free scholarships that can fulfill students’ educational needs. If you plan to attend New College Swindon, contact the admission office and ask for assistance to get a free scholarship and laptop.

Financial Aid
Total Enrolment

New College Swindon is divided into two campuses, Queens Drive and North Star. Both campuses provide services, facilities and activities. Queens Drive campus is known for its beauty and facilities for students by providing different social activities and webinars.

This campus has a vibrant location with a restaurant, study hall, library and computer room for e-learning. North Star campus focus on the fitness of student by providing a gym and different sports like hockey, football and basketball.

Both campuses of the new college in Swindon are promised to provide a healthy and generous environment to its students.

Why New College Swindon?

New College Swindon offers a vibrant and supportive campus life, with various activities for students to learn, socialize, and develop their skills and interests, which will help them in their careers. This college is specifically known as an adult learning center, meaning students of all ages and abilities can learn and seek education in this college.