Studying in UK Cheap or Expensive?

Studying in UK Cheap or Expensive?

United Kingdom is known as a hub of modern education in various fields and departments like Medical, Humanities, Engineering, Social Sciences and Computer Sciences. The majority of Students in the World want to study at English Universities in the United Kingdom because these universities provide Excellent Teaching and Research work.

According to a UK news report, the average annual tuition fee in English Universities increasing in past years, which is Approximately £11,200 – £15,300 per year for natives but a massive amount of money is required for international students like approximately £40,000 per alum for medical or clinical degrees in English Universities. However, Social Sciences and Liberal Arts departments charge you a little bit low cost.

Annual fees of Universities may fluctuate, but average universities charge the same. Now we will take a brief tour of lifestyle and studying costs, which shows which is cheapest and most expensive in the United Kingdom.

Living Cost for Students in UK

If you are willing to study in the UK from another country, first of all, apply for a study visa which requires a bank statement or monthly transaction of approximately £2,020 per month, except the London City because, for London City, you need a Bank statement of £3,500 per month.

The most crucial part is selecting a city and university in the UK. An individual can Check their university profile with their scholarship programs, discounted items and free gadgets one by one here.


Most of the students live on the campus of Universities because these universities offer vibrant campus life. The University of Portsmouth is well known for its University Quarter campus, which is built on colossal land with residential students hall, gyms, libraries etc.

After a year, some students prefer to live privately, which costs them a tremendous amount of money, so it’s better to research and check the university’s profile weather which university has cheap but vibrant student life. The University of Portsmouth offers rich student life with accommodation facilities. Some utility bills of an average of £80 per month are also included.

Cost of Food and Groceries

The cost of food varies in the UK, whether you are living on campus or in a private room. At the University of Stirling, a restaurant costs an average of £15 per meal. However, when you are living privately, a food shop costs you £50 per week.

Library and Degree Course Cost

Living in the UK may be costly, but when you live on the campus of Arden University and other universities, you will be facilitated with a vast library with membership. But living in a private hostel means you will have to pay an average cost of £40 for books and other course materials.

Cell Phone Cost

In the UK, a Cell phone costs you an average of £20 per month. Some network companies provide a mobile phone with affordable cellular and data packages for just £40 per month.

Gym Membership Cost

University of York is beautiful in the UK. The campus has a sports center and a gym, which make your body fit and healthy. However, private or local gyms cause an individual monthly membership of £48.

Entertainment and Laundry Costs

  • In UK, for entertainment purposes, a TV license for a year costs you £101, and tv channels cost £10 per month.
  • A typical night out costs an individual outside London cost of £25.
  • Depending on your spending habit, laundry and other expenses will charge you up to £40 living in the UK.

Annual Tuition Fee Cost for Students in UK

Annual tuition fee varies in Universities in the UK. Private universities’ tuition fees in the UK cost an average of £11,200 – £15,300 for students belonging to the UK, but International Students have to pay an average of £40,000 per year. Public Universities cost you an average of £9,230, and £38,000 for International students. You can check The Annual tuition Fee for Top Universities’ within- or out-of-state students here.

Scholarships and Bursaries Offer for students in UK

UK Government give Scholarships to international students. Following are the programs.

  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships: This Scholarship is known as an award worth £8000 for each international student to pay their 1st-year annual fee.
  • Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students: This scholarship program was initiated for international Postgraduate students, offering up to £10,000 for each student.
  • Commonwealth Masters Scholarships: It is also a stipend for International students doing a Master which is worth £1,236 for living maintenance.
  • University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships: In this Award type of Scholarship, an amount of £4,596 is granted to students who want to study abroad.
  • UCL Global Masters Scholarships: University College of London gives an amount of £15,000 grant to each international student.
  • Chevening Scholarships: This stipend was initiated in 1990 for students to study in the UK to maintain their living. Approximately 400000 students get Scholarships this year through this program.
  • University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships: In this Scholarship Award, 50% of your Annual tuition will be reduced.
  • Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships: In this Program, International students enjoy an amount of up to £20,000 in three years.

Universities in UK Offers Scholarships and Laptops

Impact of Brexit on the Cost of Studying in UK 

Brexit is a withdrawal agreement between European Unions and the United Kingdom signed in 2020, significantly impacting UK students. Before this agreement, the United Kingdom was a part of the EU with the same Euro currency and educational programs. This agreement affected students from different European states (except Switzerland) and worldwide. After this agreement, universities in the UK increased their annual fesses, but the status of students who were studying in UK Universities remained the same.


Studying in the UK is inexpensive due to the different scholarships and opportunities. Overall UK is cheaper under various Scholarships and bursaries offered by the state government and specific universities. If you prefer to live in private rooms etc., it may cause you extra plenty of food and accommodation rent otherwise life in the UK is sophisticated and unique.

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